Month: October 2014

Why You Should Use Welded CIPP Liners

By weldmaster | October 22, 2014

Aging water and sewer systems can cause serious problems. Corroded and structurally unstable pipelines can’t meet the growing demands for flow capacity, but replacing the pipelines can be challenging. It’s expensive and can be a logistical nightmare to dig up damaged pipelines to replace them, which is why cured in place pipeline (CIPP) is an […]

Industrial fabric welding machines are great tools to use when manufacturing a variety of products. When choosing a welding machine, you should have a good understanding of the three core principles of rotary welding: heat, speed and pressure. Heat Heat can be produced in two ways. The first option is electrically produced high temperature air. […]

The Rules of Automation

By weldmaster | October 08, 2014

As experts in automated fabric welding machines, we know a thing or two about automation. In the most general sense of the word “automation,” you expect improved efficiency, increased productivity and improved quality of any task you automate. But how do you know if you should automate your task? Whether you’re interested in automation for […]

5 Creative Inflatables You Have to See to Believe

By weldmaster | October 01, 2014

We’re always interested in the cool things that can be made using our hot air and hot wedge welders. The inflatables industry is one of those industries in which we’re continually impressed and surprised by what’s being made. Here are some of the inflatable products we thought were the most interesting: Inflatable church: The Inflatable […]


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Silicone Edge Graphics: A Refined Approach to Displays

Oct 12, 2016

If you’ve been to a trade show recently, you probably saw a booth that used silicon edge graphics without even knowing what they were. This is an up and coming trend in several industries, including trade shows and retail stores.

What are they

Radio Frequency Welding vs. Hot Air Welding

Oct 05, 2016

What is Radio Frequency Welding?

Radio frequency welding is a process that bonds materials using electromagnetic energy. Simply put, the welding machine creates an electric field that moves polar molecules in the material to create heat. Th

Section 179 for Businesses: Making Government Stimulus Work for You

Sep 28, 2016

If you’re a small business owner who regularly purchases equipment to serve your businesses needs, you may want to look into taking advantage of the Section 179 tax code by the end of the year. Section 179 was created to help businesses and grow th