Inflatable Welding Machine

From inflatable tents to military attack boats, our machines can help with any 2D, 3D or unique shape inflatable.

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T300 Extreme Curve

The world’s MOST versatile welder for making inflatables

Produce airtight and waterproof 2D and 3D seams, meeting the toughest demands. The T300 Extreme Curve can be used as a hot air or hot wedge welding machine, making it the perfect machine to help with curves or unique shapes.


Visual Inspection System for Manufacturing Automation

Provide your customer that extra level of comfort knowing their product was monitored under strict system controls. It is a continuous visual analysis for standard and automation systems that requires non-contact imaging and temperature measurements.

T600 Extreme Curve

The world’s MOST versatile welder for making inflatables

This machine produces airtight and waterproof seams for 2D and 3D, meeting the toughest demands with additional fabric handling support. The T600 Extreme Curve is packed with everything needed to weld curves and unique shapes for the production of inflatables, tanks, bladders and more.


Automated Tank and Bladder Welding Machine

This is designed to increase tank and bladder production while dramatically reducing labor. Our elusively designed welding heads enable the operator to weld overlaps and top and bottom tape covers, all in one pass. The low ground construction enables you to construct your tanks using your floor while eliminating material handling.


Automated production system perfectly tailored to meet your needs

The Moduline system is designed for customers looking to increase business profits by automating their production process. Miller Weldmaster designs awning welder machines specifically to meet your automation needs while keeping your production and payback concerns in mind. The Moduline System’s unique design enables you to select multiple automation options regardless of your production demands.

M100 Tube Seaming Systems

Tube Welding All-In-One Operation

All-in-one operation. Designed and customized to any production need. Can weld in both parallel and perpendicular welding as well as cut to length. Increase production of tube production utilizing many automation capabilities including unwinds, accumulators and guillotine cutting with cut to length operation.