Tarpaulins and Tarps

Miller Weldmaster manufacturers a variety of industrial tarp welding equipment for the production of tarpaulins(tarps), truck tarps, and covers.

Polyethylene and vinyl tarps are the best construction tarps because they are highly resistant to ripping. Having the proper industrial tarp welding equipment and constructing the right reinforcements on the tarp help to ensure long tarp life.

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 I4500 Indexing

Automated Curtain Producer, Designed To Weld Webbings BOTH In Horizontal and Vertical Directions

The I4500 is designed to weld all narrow webbings as well as wide reinforcement strips. This recipe driven soft side curtain producer will enable your operator to easily finish vertical webbing and vertical seams effortlessly.

112 Extreme

EFFICIENCY you care about. Performance you crave!

Our fastest most precise welder for welding long straight seams with a large range of welding capabilities built to fit any company size and application. The 112 Extreme is built to take your production and efficiency to the next level.

T600 Extreme Cover

A tarp and cover producing work horse

A welder that will weld your panels and finish the edges of your covers and tarps. The T600 Extreme Cover will meet any production demand.


T300 Extreme Travel

Makes large jobs EASIER to handle

For the in-house production of your largest products with the capacity to weld any length allowing easier material handling for the operator and alleviating the weight of long, heavy fabric.

T300 Extreme Flex

Our most VERSATILE welder

A flexible welding solution with ability to use hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types. Use hot air or hot wedge to weld overlaps, hems, pockets, and more. The T300 Extreme Universal is our most universal welder handling any job

Spec Extreme

SPECIFIC welder for your specific needs

Standardize your process with the Spec Extreme. A portable workhorse dedicated to weld the perfect seam every time. The Spec Extreme Wedge Welder has been designed as a “specific”, single purpose welding machine to accomplish a particular weld style. The Spec Extreme is designed to be used as a stationary unit or an automatic welder for long seams while traveling on a track.

Spec Extreme Keder

SPECIALIZED welder for consistent, repetitive Keder production

For the budget conscious companies producing keder. The Spec Extreme Keder is built to weld keder all day, every day.

Triad Extreme Cover

SMALL portable welder designed for the production of covers and tarps

Comes fully assembled and ready to weld stationary or traveling on table top track. The Triad Extreme Cover is ready to meet any cover or tarp production demands.



Perfectly tailored, AUTOMATED solution for your production needs

The Moduline system is designed for customers looking to increase business profits by automating their production process. Miller Weldmaster designs machines specifically to meet your automation needs while keeping your production and payback concerns in mind. The Moduline System’s unique design enables you to select multiple automation options regardless of your production demands.

M100 Multiple Roll

MULTIPLE roll production for ANY Application

Our M100 is built to your production needs. With multiple roll production and an array of finishing options you can produce any product. Our M100 can accommodate any seam type, cut to length options, process controls all automated to increase your production.

M100 Webbing

Weld MULTIPLE Webbings and Reinforcement Strips While Cutting Products to Length

Designed to pull fabric off roll, weld multiple webbings and reinforcement while while cutting the products to length. This system welds multiple strips at one time eliminating multiple single welds, eliminating time and increasing efficiency

M100 Keder

COMPLETELY Automated System for Keder Applications

Finish all welding in one pass including hems, overlaps, webbings, grommets and keder. Add cut to length capability for faster product ready processing to increase your production.


Finish 2 sides at ONE time!

The DH7600 is designed to finish the outside edges of almost any size product simultaneously. This welder is the most economical solution to meet your finishing needs and can easily be customized to match your customers demands.


CONTINUOUS Roll Production Increasing In-house Efficiencies

The Bi-Directional travels up and down a track welding and laying material down one layer at a time in each direction


Comprehensive INSPECTION System

Provide your customer that extra level of comfort knowing their product was monitored under strict system controls. It is a continuous visual analysis for standard and automation systems that require non-contact imaging and temperature measurements.