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PVC Welding:

Hot air welding, hot wedge rotary heat sealing and impulse welding are welding processes used to join thermoplastic materials using heat to produce many products including truck tarpaulins, inflatable boats, industrial filters and environmental liners. The three principles for rotary welding are heat, speed, and pressure. The precise combination of these principles allows one to achieve a properly welded seam.

Our technology simply is a more efficient technology. However, we DO NOT compromise seam strength, seam appearance or integrity. We have customers constructing people-carrying blimps, white water rafts, airplane rescue escape shoots and various military applications. As such, our seams HAVE to hold up. The fabric will tear before the weld will fail. Our customers have been depending on our machines for over 40 years.

Other Materials/Fabrics We Can Weld:

  • Vinyl (PVC) laminated fabric
  • Vinyl coated fabrics
  • Vinyl Films
  • Polyurethane film
  • Polypropylene coated fabric
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) film
  • Thermoplastic rubber fabrics
  • Nonwoven polyester
  • Various fusing tapes
  • Weldable webbings
  • Rigid extruded products
Impulse Welding

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