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Month: October 2014

Aging water and sewer systems can cause serious problems. Corroded and structurally unstable pipelines can’t meet the growing demands for flow capacity, but replacing the pipelines can be challenging. It’s expensive and can be a logistical [...]

Industrial fabric welding machines are great tools to use when manufacturing a variety of products. When choosing a welding machine, you should have a good understanding of the three core principles of rotary welding: heat, speed and pressure. [...]

The Rules of Automation

October 08, 2014

As experts in automated fabric welding machines, we know a thing or two about automation. In the most general sense of the word “automation,” you expect improved efficiency, increased productivity and improved quality of any task you automate. [...]

We’re always interested in the cool things that can be made using our hot air and hot wedge welders. The inflatables industry is one of those industries in which we’re continually impressed and surprised by what’s being made. Here are some of [...]