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Month: June 2015

Meet Our Technicians

June 15, 2015

          Adam Phillips, Field Service Engineer Years with Miller Weldmaster: 5 Number of Installs: 20 Number of Countries Visited:  10 Best Experience with A Customer: “The most rewarding experience I have had with [...] Tags: , ,

What is the difference between a waterproof tarp and a water resistant tarp? Waterproof tarps can withstand entry of water. Some can even be submerged and will remain impermeable to water. Polyethylene tarps and vinyl tarps are waterproof tarps. [...] Tags: , , , ,

What are thermoplastics? Thermoplastics are plastic materials that become pliable or moldable when heated above a specific temperature and harden upon cooling. What are the benefits of using thermoplastics? Light weight High strength Low [...] Tags: , ,