Our 2020 Vision

Simply put, our vision is what we desire to achieve by the year 2020. What does this mean? It means that we will need to invest in the foundation of our business, which is our people – the most important and valuable asset of Miller Weldmaster.

  • Our History : we understand the importance of recognizing our history, where we came from and how we can learn from it when making decisions for the future.
  • Operation Act : A program designed to transition the culture of Miller Weldmaster to such a degree that employees trust the company, leadership and fellow staff members.
  • Mission ID : Developing our people’s technical skills for growth and success.
  • Strategic Development Initiative : To be great, a company needs to have a plan.
  • A First Choice Customer Experience : Our desire is to have a positive, productive and consistent message with our customers every time we interact. It is important to be sure our customers know their business is important to us.
  • Lean Manufacturing : Adopting a Customer Value Focus will allow us to meet all of our customer demands faster and more efficient.

2020 Vision

Our Mission Statement

The Miller Weldmaster family of quality people is proudly dedicated to efficiently and profitably provide manufacturing and service solutions for our customers. We will responsibly grow into new markets as well as maintain our existing markets. We, as a company, agree to commit our efforts and resources to innovation and the best possible customer service.

We will custom tailor our equipment to fit our customers’ needs while developing practical, affordable and quality products. We have a passion both for continued improvement and excellence in leading our industry and employees.


Our Values Statement

Miller Weldmaster operates under the spirit of our founder Al Miller. Mr. Miller founded the business with specific principles that we strive to maintain and expand. These include a family atmosphere, sincerity, creativity and hard work. We stand for and operate by the idea that all employees are valuable to the company regardless of title or position. We will treat each other with mutual respect. We value the importance of balance between work and family.

Using these values and our mission as our guide, decisions will be made in the best interest of our people, our customers and Miller Weldmaster.

Work as a team

  • Be accountable to each other
  • Sincerely listen to each others’ ideas, concerns and problems
  • Serve each other without prejudice
  • Respect the dignity of each other
  • Treat each other honestly and ethically
  • Strive to meet common goals
  • Celebrate our successes

Promote a positive, enjoyable work environment

  • Create and provide a safe workplace
  • Foster an environment where we can continually learn
  • Respect each others’ property
  • Appreciate a job well done

Represent our company well at all times

  • Service people as well as their machines
  • Conduct ourselves professionally