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Automated Welding Machines for Awnings, Screens and Shade Manufacturing

Automated solutions for manufacturing awnings, canopies, screens and shades are used to produce top quality residential or commercial grade products. These fully automated solutions will manufacture awnings providing efficiency welding faster than other processes.

Welding motorized or retractable awnings provide product longevity and offer a leakproof product. Welding heats in-between the two layers of fabric eliminating the needle punches from sewing and provides a more aesthetically pleasing seam to your end customer.

Each solution is fully customizable and can incorporate several different options including, welding, unwinds, keder applications, multiple stations, grommets and more… Each solution can be built to meet your needs today but also grow with you throughout the years.

Acrylic and PVC materials can both be welded by either hot wedge or hot air welding for full versatility. Below you will see several options both for automating your awnings, canopies, marine covers and more. Still have questions? Contact one of our automated specialist to discuss your production and potential options. 


Awning Welding Video

Multiple Machine Solution

Miller Weldmaster has built over 200 customized, automated solutions just in the last 5 years. We also have over 800 years of combined welding experience throughout our entire Miller team. We build innovative solutions that solve production bottlenecks. Check out this animated video of a 3 machine solution designed to increase output.

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Configured for applying keder to awnings

A heavy-duty coated fabric is welded around a hard PVC cord and then attached to the edges of awnings. This solution welds keder on outside edges simultaneously. It allows both commercial and residential awnings, RV awnings and canopies to slide easily into tracks and creating a waterproof seam.

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable with multiple stations for complete versatility

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Automated Awning Welding Machine

Automated Awning Welding Machine


Add grommets to edges simultaneously

Depending upon your finished product, grommets can be an essential tool for screens and awnings and will create long-lasting products that can handle multiple environments including; wind and rain. This solution will automatically weld hems and insert grommets in the outside edges simultaneously.

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • MATERIAL HANDLING – Designed with unwinds and rewinds for reduced operator handling
  • VERSATILE – Configured to weld, grommet and cut to length

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Finish edges of multiple size panels

This single layer solution will weld both outside edges simultaneously. It is semi-automated as it does require two operators with adjustable heat systems that can accommodate multiple panel widths providing full product versatility no matter how big your awnings, screens or shades.

  • AUTOMATED – Hands free, continuous operation for high speed filter tube finishing
  • VERSATILE – Configured for multiple width awnings, screens and shades

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Awning Welding Machine

Automated Awning Welding Machine

Custom Screen Welder

Dual hot air for finished edges of screens

This custom, dual hot air welder is designed to residential or commercial grade screens. It incorporates a traveling table to assist in material handling while welding two outside edges at the same time.

  • CUSTOMIZABLE – Fully customizable to meet your screen production needs
  • MATERIAL HANDLING – Combined with traveling tables for reduced material handling

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Automated Solutions for Awnings, Canopies, Screens and Shades