Automated Solutions

We continue to invest in our engineering capabilities to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers. Our capabilities allow us to automate manufacturing process of any flexible material applications. Most of our customers have an ROI under 2 years and the majority of our solution increase output, save time and improve quality.



By combining multiple production processes into one automated solution, we can drive an increase in your production output.


Automating your processes will generate greater efficiency and will contribute to your overall time and labor savings.


An automated process will create production consistencies throughout your completed process and will improve your product quality.

We have made several automated solution… CHOOSE YOUR INDUSTRY BELOW TO LEARN MORE!

Recent animation video which showcased how automating a current awning manufacturing process increase current output by 65%

We partner with growing manufacturing companies to help build your business. 

Our team produces custom, automated manufacturing solutions that are designed and built specifically to meet your production demands. We listen and understand your current bottlenecks, then build a solution together that will maximize your efficiencies.

Miller Weldmaster has over 200 automated solutions installed worldwide. Below are a few custom, automated solutions we have built. For a more complete list of product applications, click here.


"They made our vision, their vision and turned the "back of a napkin" drawing into an automated process solution that saves us time and money!"


Multiple capabilities are available to meet your every need. Choose what’s best for your operation.

Most of our custom, automated machines are built with multiple capabilities to provide the most efficient production solution. Choose from sewing, grommeting, printing, visual inspection systems, cutting and more. Each system is designed based on your specific needs.

capabilities preview

A dedicated team you can count on!

Miller Weldmaster has a team of dedicated engineers ranging from mechanical, aeronautical, civil, industrial and electrical. All play a vital role within our company and the automation process. They think outside of the box and help us work smarter developing solutions that impact manufacturing processes worldwide. They create new designs that help control our costs, maintain our lean manufacturing and constantly bring about new ideas.

Contact us and talk with one of our team members so that we may customize a solution that’s right for your business.