Cutting Capabilities


Accurately cuts single or multiple layers of material

Designed to accurately cut single or multiple layers of material. They are spring loaded and pneumatically actuated for enhanced precision. Can be placed inline production process allowing automatic cutting during continuous operation.

  • Heat treated steel blades for extended life. Straight blade for accuracy, precision cutting
  • Cut single or multiple layers for product versatility
  • Custom widths available for any size cut
  • Faster cycle times






Quick change rotary cutter

Eliminate operator handling and improve cutting quality with our rotary cutting. Ergonomically designed and easy to control through the Miller Weldmaster Smart Screen.

  • Quick change maximizing production time
  • Easy sharpening feature for extended blade life
  • Stabilizing bar for maintaining material position allowing for a clean, straight cut


Cut materials off roll to any desired length 

Designed to measure and cut material off roll to any desired length. Sheeters can be stand alone units or integrated into an existing line. Eliminate manual operations by storing, feeding and cutting rolls of fabric simultaneously.

  • Easy to operate
  • Maximizes floor space by storing, feeding and cutting fabric automatically
  • Configured to produce any length maximizing production output
  • Can slit and sheet
  • Blades are easy to replace and sharpen







Automatically slit and measure fabric off roll

Automatically slits and measures fabric off a roll eliminating labor and time. Offers high production output while minimizing floor space. Unwind, slit and rewind in one streamlined process.

  • Feed and cut automatically improving product accuracy
  • Easy to integrate and can be mounted inline any automation system
  • Quick change blade assembly with durable and easy to replace blades
  • Multiple blade selection for numerous cuts