Grommet machines designed for any finishing application

Grommet machines can be designed for any finishing application and incorporated inline with your machine. We configure the machines in such a way that you will not have to stop your converting process to place a grommet. Grommet machines can travel or remain stationary depending upon your production needs. Grommet machines are fully automatic and dual feed both grommet and washer in a single operation.

  • Inline operation for improved efficiency
  • Dual feed both grommet and washer
  • Suitable for either metal or plastic grommets to match your specifications
  • Configured for automatic operation
  • Syncronization inline with machine for increased production








Provide product flexibility by adapting inline printing capabilities

Miller Weldmaster can customize any production process with an inline printer. They are self contained units controlled by the Smart Screen with an HMI capable of holding multiple recipes

  • Ideal for printing dates, batch numbers or logos
  • Continuous printing for keeping up with production outputs
  • Provides product flexibility
  • Precisely located for maximizing product quality
  • Laser jet printing technology


Easily and automatically slit punch holes

Designed to punch through one layer or multiple layers. Mounted with a spring return slide assembly maintaining continuous production.

  • Multiple punch shapes for your product diversity
  • Can mount multiple punches for enhanced production
  • Any shape and size for product versatility