Material and Web Handling


Accumulate material allowing continuous operation

Accumulators are built to accommodate any material for any process. Material will accumulate inline and is used to control the tension to maintain a continuous manufacturing process. They can be equipped with puller rollers combined with dancing rollers and are specifically engineered to meet your requirements. Accumulators can be built with your machine or added to any existing line.

  • Maintains tension on material for improved quality
  • Accumulates fabric allowing continuous operation for increased production
  • Can be built vertical or horizontal depending upon application
  • Versatile allowing the amount of accumulated material to be specified


Fan Folder


Folding capability designed to maximize output process

Will be located on the output side of the machine and will oscillate back and forth during the converting process. Designed to lay the product down in a specified location at a specified fold width.

  • Adjustable speed to match any production output
  • Reduces labor while preparing product for packaging
  • Variable folding lengths for product accuracy
  • Can be adjusted to fit products on pallets or into boxes


Fold material during the converting process for easy packaging and application roll out

A frame folder is a device to fold larger widths of fabric for faster processing. This device will fold material in half during the converting process allowing material to be easily packaged for application roll out. Can be added to any existing converting line.

  • Compact design reducing floor space
  • Accommodates any production speed allowing continuous welding operation
  • Dancer rollers to control speed and maintain consistency
  • Heavy duty construction to accommodate different roll sizes
  • Will accommodate any width fabric to almost any desired fold width

A Frame Folding




Rewind finished product with minimal labor and time. 

Our heavy duty and light duty rewinds are used for winding up the finishing product at the end of your converting operation. Rewinds come in various designs, capacities, and sizes. Upon completion of your finished fabrication, rewinds enable you to quickly roll up your product for shipment to your customers. Designed to eliminate extensive fabric handling, rewinds will produce a professionally wound product with minimal labor and time.


  • Powered re-wind drive system for pulling any length material from floor to roll.
  • Pneumatic disc braking system used to maximize the amount of material that can fit on a roll
  • Pneumatic tension rollers for easy loading of liner
  • Static or movable winders




Eliminate fabric handling and increase production. 

Built to increases production and minimizes labor. Traveling machines are specifically designed to reduce excessive fabric handling with continuous welding operation.

  • Continuous roll production to increase in-house efficiency
  • Can travel either direction allowing no wasted movement
  • Takes up limited floor space by using the floor as the welding surface
  • Alleviate the weight of the material providing easier material handling




Precise fabric dispensing for reduced material handling

Our unwinds are used for precise fabric dispensing in a converting process. Unwinds come in various designs, capacities and sizes. They can be fitted with many devices such as: * Air brakes * Airshafts *Edge guiding * Load cell tension controls * Safety chucks

  • Powered unwind drive systems for pulling any length liner from floor to roll
  • Easy loading of liner reducing operator labor
  • Reduce waste with larger roll producing capabilities
  • Continuous roll production for any product
  • Edge guiding to compensate for telescope rolls


Unwind, splice, accumulate, cut to length and rewind operation designed to be incorporated into existing coating line. 

This machine was built to go in line with an existing coating line and curing oven. This machine is designed to unwind, splice, accumulate, cut to length and rewind in a continuous operation.

  • Cradle unwind and rewind both provide fast and efficient roll changes
  • Perpendicular splicing/welding station to join input rolls together
  • Input accumulator providing ample time to splice during continuous operation
  • Output accumulator allowing quick roll change
  • Coating grinders that scuff material edges improving in the field welding adhesion
  • Cross cutter for accurate product length



Coating Material Line



Can be built to any size length for your machine needs

Conveyors can be added to our T300 Extreme and T600 Extreme allowing continuous weld operation while reducing material handling. Assists with applications using heavy materials such as Covers or light delicate materials for Blinds, Screens and Shades.

  • Continuous operation for increased production
  • Conveyor surface for reduced material handling
  • AC frequency drive for synchronization with any system