Process Controls


Precise, continuous monitoring of the material edge. 

Designed to monitor and maintain proper material alignment. They are critical to control quality process line control.

  • Maintain material alignment for improved product quality
  • Continuous monitoring of fabric edges ensuring accuracy
  • Compensates for telescoped rolls



Comprehensive Seam Inspection System 

The Seamvision is designed to provide another level of measuring seam integrity. It is a continuous visual analysis for standard and automation systems that require non-contact imaging and temperature measurements. Its built-in logic provides the capability to document all welding seams and monitor every production process.

  • 95 individual measurement positions for precise measurement across any size seam
  • Captures monitored seam 20 times per second for all welding speeds
  • Consistent data output to excel file for quality high level reporting and recording
  • Seam monitoring alarms to alert operator and for secondary spot checks
  • Provide your customers documented data for each of your products
  • Patent Pending


Functional, easy to use, interface for operators

Designed for multiple inputs and output arrangements, extended temperature ranges and immunity to electrical noise. Each PLC is equipped with an HMI allowing operators to interact with the machine. It is configured for easy operation of the machine.

  • Input allowing operator to manage and run the machine
  • Graphical interface for usability
  • Output indicating the effects o the operators’ manipulation
  • Programmable in any language
  • Ability to store multiple recipes for quick change over times
  • Display for process troubleshooting

Smart Screen

Vision Camera


Monitor production processes under specified tolerance 

Device that converts an optical image into an electronic signal. Each camera has sensors that can detect a specified object and control an output and instruct the machine what to do. A wide array of applications can be adapted with vision cameras.

  • Easily monitor production processes for improved efficiency
  • View results in real time for improved quality
  • Troubleshoot instantly with process alarms
  • Camera sensor for directing machine operations