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Whether you’re in the business of tarps, inflatables, packaging and sealing, or awning and shades manufacturing, industrial fabric welding helps improve material seam strength, ultimately increasing product lifespan. Industrial fabric welding [...] Tags: , , ,
Which fabric welding solution is best for your business

Tarp and tarpaulin manufacturers can dramatically improve production efficiency and productivity with industrial fabric welding. Industrial fabric welding solutions have the versatility to accommodate multiple applications, which eliminates the [...]

Hot air welding creates superior seam strength and fuses a wide variety of thermoplastic-coated materials including polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC-coated fabrics, synthetics and nylon. Whether you’re in the business of inflatables, awnings, or [...] Tags: , , , ,
Industrial hot welding

Industrial fabric welding provides awning and shade manufacturers with strong, seamless, perforated-free welds that increase product lifespan. A proper fabric welding machine also increases productivity and efficiency while creating a [...] Tags: ,
Shade and awning

Impulse welding bonds together thermoplastics, using two heated bars. These bars apply pressure to the seam while heat pulses throughout, resulting in a clean, crisp and wrinkle-free seam. Weld times typically vary by material, but once the set [...] Tags: ,
Industrial impulse welder