Below is a summary of the Q&A we recently had with a supplier of weldable zippers, Paskel Zippers.  Read below to learn the basics on who, what, where, when, why, and how weldable zipper is used in the industrial fabric industry. 1. Who uses [...]

Simple Beginnings to a Global Presence   To understand us today, look to our roots. Our founder, Al Miller, served his country, built a business, and kept an emphasis on family. He once said, “The most important thing is meeting the needs [...]

Miller Weldmaster operates under the spirit of our founder Al Miller. Mr. Miller founded the business with specific principles that we strive to maintain and expand. These include a family atmosphere, sincerity, creativity and hard work. We [...]

Why Radio Frequency Welding? For over 45 years, Miller Weldmaster has manufactured hot air, hot wedge and impulse welding machines.  Over the years, we have listened and responded to our customers’ need of multiple technologies. Our philosophy [...]

“This woman deserves a medal!” That caught our attention. It’s not the usual comment left on a T3 Extreme installation report from a field service engineer. Our field engineer, Brian Hill, further expanded on his admiration for our new customer. [...] Tags: , , , , , , , ,