What is the Miller Weldmaster Automation Process?

By weldadmin | October 25, 2017

Our team at Miller Weldmaster has been creating automated manufacturing solutions for 40+ years, and are experts at taking an operation and boiling it down to the necessary components to streamline the process. You may be wondering what all can be automated or customized in an automation solution from Miller Weldmaster.

Here is our 3-step process to determine how we can automate your production:

Step 1: Determine – Our first phase is “determine,” where we ask you what your product is, what your desired output/hour is, and how much time you’d like to reduce in your operations. The first stage lays the groundwork for the next two, as it gives us an idea of how heavy-duty your production is. It also allows us to narrow down the machine options based on their capabilities to work within your time parameters.

Step2: Choose –The second phase is “choose.” This is where we get into the more specific questions about your production. What kind of technology you use, your finishing needs, and how you want to monitor your production’s quality are represented in this stage.

These considerations help us to figure out what type of machines we need to find for you – whether you need a sewing machine, have concerns about quality monitoring, or have specific finishing requests. We narrow down the machine options even further here, and can begin to piece together what the production flow can look like.

Step 3: Select – The final phase is “select,” which is where we figure out what materials your operation uses, your handling methods, and the seam configuration. Depending on what seam configuration and raw materials you select, we are able to narrow down our machine options and piece together the entire automated production flow.

Because all of our automation processes are created to be unique, our team works tirelessly during these three stages to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to automate your production. With the wide range of plastic welding and finishing machines at Miller Weldmaster, automating complex productions for speed and efficiency is well within our capabilities.

To find out more about our automation processes, read our automation pages, or talk to an automation specialist today!


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