Using Adhesive Technology Versus Seam Welding

By weldmaster | February 24, 2015

Welding solutions have long been the go-to method for awnings and banners in the digital and technical textile industries, but they may not always be the best, most cost-effective solutions. Industrial seam adhesives are gaining popularity. Below is a list of benefits of using adhesive technologies.

Enhanced appearance: The finished appearance of adhesive bonded joints are smooth, consistent and need little or no finishing.

Dissimilar materials: Adhesives can be readily used on dissimilar materials – materials may differ in composition, thickness, etc.

Reduced corrosion: Adhesive bonds form a seal that is both leak proof, preventing the ingress of moisture, and less prone to corrosion.

Distributed stress: Because adhesives are spread along the length of a bond, adhesives allow stress to be distributed across the whole joint area. As a result, the joint is more flexible.

It’s simple! Adhesive technology can simplify assembly procedures.

Most important, all of these advantages yield economic advantages including improved design, easier assembly and longer life.

Miller Weldmaster’s industrial seam adhesive machine, SeamSTRONG, is custom formulated for the technical textile and digital textile markets. This advanced adhesive technology system provides a long lasting, aesthetically pleasing and flexible seam for the production of awnings, digital textiles, advanced technical textiles, and military applications. It is a revolutionary new product that can easily create large panels at new speeds, which means greater productivity and cost-reduction for the industry.

Watch this video to learn more about SeamSTRONG.