What is the Buying Process for Automation Machines?

Miller Weldmaters Automation and Custom Machines are made to fit each unique customer's production needs.

Miller Weldmaster has a full in-house engineering team to help you meet production demands.  Working closely with our sales team and customers to design, build, and produce a machine that helps improve production and make unique products.  

If you are interested in purchasing a Custom Miller Weldmaster machine, here is how you do it:

  1. Meet with your Sales Rep
    1. We have 2 dedicated Sales Reps for our Automation 
      1. North America: Time Hupp
      2. International: Adam Phillips
  2. Give all your Rep the specs you need to make your product
    1. For example, the size of material rolls, how the product is made, rate it needs to be made
    2. This includes the layout of your facility and how it will need to fit into existing production
  3. Your Sales Rep meets with our dedicated Design Engineer who works with our reps to get an initial design and quote
    1. This is where you work with our team to nail down what is needed and make changes
  4. From there, once the sale is closed, you will be assigned a Project Manager and the Engineering Department takes over getting the final designs and drawings done
  5. Once the drawings and models are approved - production takes over.  All while your Project Manager keeps you updated on what is going on and the stage of your project.
  6. The project is completed! You visit our facilities, or do it virtually, and approve the machine.
    1. If there are any changes, Miller Weldmaster will work on correcting o updating anything that needs to be done
  7. Once approved and completed, Miller Weldmaster will help to arrange shipping and get it to your facility!
  8. When the machine arrives, our Project engineers will be on-site to install and train your team!


Miller Weldmaster is dedicated to working with our customers to help meet their production needs.  


If you are looking for a different size weld, please contact our team of experts for a consultation!