Louis A. Green Corp.

Miller Weldmaster works closely with webbing manufactures like Louis A. Green Corp. to provide the best welding solutions for reinforcing banners, pool covers, tarps, tents and more…

Miller Weldmaster manufactures hot air, hot wedge and impulse welders that permanently bond the webbing and the industrial fabric together. Explore our complete line to find the welding machine that fits your application.

Advantages of Welding PVC Weldable Webbing

  • Adds tear and wind resistance
  • Water resistant
  • Reinforces and strengthens
  • Holds grommets
  • Weldable on hot air, hot wedge and impulse welding machines

pvc weldable webbing

webbing welding machine video

Check out our I4500 Indexing

This is just one of many examples of our webbing welding machines. The I4500 welds all narrow webbings and wide reinforcement strips allowing operators to finish webbing and seams effortlessly.

Louis A. Green Corp. has been in the webbing business for over 60 years and supplies industrial webbing and custom straps to a wide range of customers worldwide. Their experience working with a large range of customers from small fabric shops to large industrial factories has allowed them to perfect their weldable webbing and ability to carry a large inventory.

From standard size webbing to special order, Louis A. Green Corp. has experience with ALL types of webbing.

Looking to weld webbing?

Miller Weldmaster offers versatile machines for the production of many different products. If you are looking to add webbing to your product line, let us help you choose the best machine for your application.