Moduline Tent Welding Machine

MULTIPLE roll production for Tents

Our M100 is built to your production needs. With multiple roll production and an array of finishing options you can produce any product. Our M100 can accommodate any seam type, cut to length options, process controls all automated to increase your production.

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Moduline Tent Panel Welder

Why a Tent Welding Machine?

A tent welding machine from Miller Weldmaster increases efficiency and standardizes the production of multiple roll large fabric panels. A tent welding machine offers the following advantages:

  • Efficiency – High-speed production of array of tent and shelter welding applications
  • One-man operation – Continuously produce without excessive employee oversight
  • Customizable – Choose the technology, seam type, and add-on finishings to meet your business needs

What do people make with a tent panel welder?

High-performing and versatile, tent panel welder produces shelter panels, tarps, signs, covers and more. Transform your production cycle and automate the creation of large fabric panels for tents, shelters and more with a tent panel welder from Miller Weldmaster.

Making a Tent Panel with Welding Machine


Produce an array of applications with a hands-free, high-speed and continuously operating machine.


Customize a tent panel welder or machine system to meet your needs. Choose the technology, pick seam types, and add any finishing to mass produce tent and shelter panels.


Products Made By Tent Panel Welder

Produce everyday products seamlessly and efficiently with a tent panel welder or welding machine. Tent panel welders and welding machines make tents, tarps, signs, covers and more. Not sure if a tent panel welding machine is right for your product? Contact Miller Weldmaster to find a machine to meet your needs.

Tent Welding Applications

Automation Capabilities of Tent Welding Machine

Fully customize a tent or shelter welding machine with our team of engineers and drafters. Choose from the following automation capabilities to create a machine to fit your production needs.


Welding Capabilities




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