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Double-Wall Fabric Welding

Double-wall fabric is becoming increasingly popular with applications such as inflatables, gym mats and more. It’s a coated nylon joined by thousands of vertical fibers that are uniform in size. When welded into a desired shape and pressurized with air, it is transformed into a strong, hard surface.


See T300 Curve for Double-Wall Applications 


Woven double-wall fabric benefits:

Double-wall fabrics can be used to manufacture inflatable products that are lightweight and easy to transport yet are rigid and structurally stable.

  • Created using a 3D weaving process
  • Has a smooth surface structure
  • 85% more tensile strenth than knitted drop-stitch fabric
  • Favorable adhesion during the welding process

Dropstitch material

Products produced using double-wall fabrics include:

Paddle boards, inflatable boat bottoms, athletic mats and more… With the characteristics of this material combined with the welding process, the possibilities are endless. Is double-wall fabrics right for your applications?