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Miller Connect

New cutting-edge technology that allows you to instantly and easily monitor all production OUTPUT in real time throughout the day. MillerCONNECT monitors your equipment to provide accurate and timely information on your machine performance.

Monitor YOUR PRODUCTION metrics at any time… from anywhere!


By effectively measuring and analyzing your machine manufacturing metrics you will be able to analyze your production to ensure your business objectives are being met. This will ultimately ensure you are improving your customer experience with on-time delivery commitment, improving your product quality, establishing efficiency by measuring throughput and reducing costs while increasing profitability by maintaining your machines performance.

  1. Number of welds or products produced
  2. Finished goods total
  3. Welding speed
  4. Total material length
  5. Production time and more…

In fact, research shows that manufacturers using IoT solutions saw an average of 28.5% increase in revenues.

WE’ll make it simple… you get it ALL!

Our complete MillerCONNECT package is designed to give you the METRICS needed to take control of your full production process ensuring your machine(s) are operating at full performance allowing you to INCREASE PROFITABILITY AND REDUCE COSTS

  • Production metrics with daily reporting
  • Display notifications
  • Machine status
  • Remote access to troubleshoot plc issues or machine errors
  • Manuals and parts diagrams
  • How to videos
  • Consumable parts ordering
  • Easy, electronic service request

Talk to your sales rep today about adding MillerCONNECT to your machine and start monitoring YOUR METRICS today!