How big are our welding machines?

Size of our machines

Miller Weldmaster offers machines in a variety of sizes based on the needs and production style of the customer.  

Standard Machines

Our standard machines are traditionally of smaller size.  Ranging from a tabletop option to our 112 Extremes.

Some tabletop solutions are our T3 Extreme, used for banners and signs, as well as our Triad Extreme.  Both machines can be placed on a table or a typical-sized desk and workspace.  The Triad does have the option to be extended, using tracks, to weld together large Geo and Tarp Panels.  The tracks are an accessory that can be purchased with the machine.

The T300, T600, Digitran machines are free-stranding machines that are the size of a traditional-style sewing machine.  Depending on accessories, conveyor or worktable, the overall size may vary.  

Our largest standard machine is the 112 Extreme.  The 112 Extreme varies in size and is customizable from 3 meters up to the customer's specifications.  

Custom Machines

Custom machines have no standard size and are completely customizable.  They vary from a smaller free-standing machine to a large multi-faceted machine with a conveyor and multiple welding heads.


Each machine has technical specifications listed on their webpage.  For more information, please contact our team of experts.