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The BOXMAT HD is the newest heavy-duty corrugated box making system for highly demanding short-run manufacturing processes. This machine can be fully configurable to be used with manual feed, a printer, or a precision corrugated feeder. Select one of the 100 box styles saved and the machine will begin slotting, cutting, scoring, creasing, board trimming, die-cutting and gluing ALL IN ONE MACHINE!

No Corrugated Cardboard Contracts!

Corrugated Sheets and Optional Fanfold!

Features and Benefits

  • One pass operation to make a perfect box
  • Single, Double wall and Heavy-Duty board
  • Finish Single Corrugated Sheets or Fanfold Option
  • Counter-knife and counter scoring/creasing system
  • Large 19” touch screen HMI
  • JQS Job Queue System production scheduling
  • Box Design WIZARD
  • 3D product scanning can scan dimension and weight capabilities
  • MRP/ERP manufacturing integration system
  • Manual or fully automatic feed with detachable cardboard feeder
  • Intuitive software with APC capabilities and remote control
  • All tool nests can handle either scoring/creasing wheels or knives and automatic tool recognition
  • Cutting tools are equipped with counter-creasing and counter-knife system
  • Ability to set the tools inline, one-after-another, e.g. for double creasing of heavy boards
  • Die cutting system with extra built-in beam equipped with two die-cutting units. Each die with a work area of 210x130 mm (8.25x5.1”) and independent drives to automatically position
  • Switchover time – less than 30 seconds
  • Fully automatic servo-drive setup
  • Independent drive for each tool nest provides fast position setup
  • Minimum distance between tools: 30 mm



Stacking Unit

  • Automatic stacking of corrugated cardboard boxes
  • Pneumatically controlled board receiving / drop arms
  • Stacking height for palettizing: 31” (800mm)
  • Width of receiving boards: up to 94” (2400mm)
  • Length of stacking boards: up to 118” (3000mm) or by request
  • Gravitational precision stacking with control bumpers
  • Quick manual setup – only compressed air needed - No electric power required
  • Rigid aluminum frame and smooth glide rolls



  • Corrugated cardboard flexographic printer
  • Ability to print images on full size boxes up to 2400mm (94") wide
  • Includes one fully programmable 800mm (31") wide printing drum/cylinder
  • Add a second drum/cylinder to double the print area or for an additional color

Gluing System

  • Double nozzle cold glue applicator integrated with a cross-cutting knife saving time and streamlining the box production cycle
  • The gluing system uses single or double nozzles for dotted, dashed or continuous glue line application
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Technical Specs

Cardboard Used:

  • Single and double wall

Power supply

  • 3 x 380/415/480 V (USA: 3 x 480 V/20 A)

Work modes

  • 40 FEFCO styles installed + box design wizard

Maximum board size

  • 2400 mm (94") width x 10000 mm (394") length

Minimum board size length

  • 250 mm (8") width x 750 mm (25")

Distance between slotting knives

  • 75-2100 mm (2¾-79") with 200 mm knives

Sectional slotting knives

  • 100 mm (4") each section

Standard slotting knives length

  • 500 mm (20") each side

Min/max slotting knives length

  • 200-700 mm (8 – 27½")

Slot width

  • 8 mm (5/16")

Glue flap

  • from 5 mm

Machine dimensions (L x W x H)

  • 3600 x 1900 x 1750 mm


  • 3800 kg

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