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Customers come to us with diverse needs, and our bag sealing and box making machines are built to accommodate them all. No matter the type of bag you want to close or the kind of box you want to produce, we can tailor our equipment to fit your function.

Miller Weldmaster Packaging Systems Bag Sealing and Box Machine


Unplanned downtime can be a costly hurdle for businesses. Our custom packaging machines are engineered in a way that end users don’t have to worry about break downs. You can depend on our packaging solutions to keep working so you can too.


The bag sealing and box making machines we’ve developed are just as fast as they are reliable. Paired with the fact that our equipment runs in a manner that requires little-to-no interventions, customized automation helps customers achieve high production demands.

Easy to Use

Packaging equipment is only as effective as its ability to be used. We’ve designed our custom packaging machines so that with just a bit of training, your workers will be proficient enough to run them — whether they are skilled in machine operation or new to it.

We Pair High-Tech Values with Comprehensive Service

As a family-owned business, Miller Weldmaster values building meaningful relationships with the customers we serve. While our people are industry experts, they are also passionate about providing the highest level of customer service and care. In combination with initial training and ongoing technical support, our team is ready to pivot as your business needs do, ensuring you have the custom packaging solutions you need to meet your goals now and in the future.

How We Support Our Customers

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