Why Sustainable Packaging Design Matters to Businesses

The Cost Savings

When packages are larger than the products stored inside, more materials are inevitably used and the shipment becomes heavier. (What’s more, is the extra space inside can create safety concerns over items moving in transit.) Sustainable packaging solutions tailored to the size and dimensions of products reduce waste, save on shipping costs and minimize room for damage.

As packages become smaller, they free up more space from a storage standpoint as well. This conversation of space gives businesses an opportunity to utilize the space for alternate efforts or to even scale back on the space that’s needed and subsequently the costs associated with it.

The Reduced Footprint

Packaging waste makes up a significant percentage of total waste worldwide. So naturally, when businesses can reduce waste in their packaging process, they can contribute to a more sustainable future where packaging waste requires less landfill space. Diverting waste away from landfills minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and reduces the need to build more landfills.

While automated technologies can support waste reduction, their environmental benefits extend beyond that. As the manufacturing process itself becomes more efficient, businesses are able to increase their productivity while using a fraction of the energy and resources previously needed.

The Reputation Boost

Consumers don’t just appreciate sustainable packaging design; their purchasing decisions are impacted by it. When consumers see a business that shares their concerns for the environment, and has committed to eco-friendly packaging practices, they are more likely to not only connect with the initiatives of the brand, but also want to support them. This of course increases sales.

Another perspective to consider is that of an investor. Like consumers, stakeholders want to see sustainability as an integral part of a business’s core activities. This means they’ll attribute value to businesses with sustainable packaging practices and be more likely to invest.


Our Packaging Machines Support Sustainability Initiatives


Reduces Wasted Space

With our box making machines, you can create boxes of virtually any size or style. Boxes fitted specifically to your products will reduce unnecessary space and the costs associated with it. All the while, in-house production will help avoid the typical waste and cost of corrugated contracts.


Increases Production Speeds

Our packaging machines are built for efficiency. While our box making machines combine a fast manual setup with single pass operations and fast switchover times, our bag sealing machines are digitally controlled for quick production start-up and can run up to 100 meters per minute.


Delivers Consistent Results

While automation helps our packaging machines work fast, it also ensures precision. Integrated assemblies and automated tool positioning create consistent, high-quality boxes, while precise folding systems continuously create clean, straight folds. Fewer production errors means less waste.

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