Comprehensive Service Catered to Your Needs

At Miller Weldmaster, we pair innovative packaging solutions with a commitment to service. Whether it’s a matter of training staff, performing maintenance checks or answering technical questions, we’re there every step of the way to provide guidance. Our experience working with large and small companies, and everything in between, means we can adapt to every need


Order Spare Parts

We design and produce all of our attachments and accessories in-house, so you get the highest quality products for maximum tooling life.


Get Technical Support

When technical questions arise, the team at our Resolution Center is readily available to assist you and keep operations moving forward.

Training Services for Our Packaging Machines

When one of our packaging machines is installed, a one- to two-day training session is sufficient to teach personnel how to operate the machine. And as new staff is onboarded or new features become available, we can offer additional training to support your business needs. In any event, companies have the flexibility to choose from a variety of training options, as we can run our machines remotely.

Virtual Training

Are you an existing customer that just needs a short, simple training session? If so, we would recommend scheduling a virtual training session. We’ll set up a quick video call, go over your questions and demonstrate the fixes you need. The rate for virtual training is $165 per hour.

In-House Training

Join us at our headquarters in Ohio for a one-on-one training session that is centered around your specific packaging machine. Leveraging our machines, guides and materials on-site, our technical experts will provide comprehensive training and showcase your machine’s versatility.

Onsite Training

Prefer to have training happen under your own roof? Put in a request and we’ll have one of our field service technicians travel to your facility and lead a training session for new or existing staff that lasts a full 8 hours or more. We’ll modify the training schedule so it’s tailored to your skillset.

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