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Semi-Automatic Box Making Machine

Semi-automatic box maker for short run production of boxes or large scale box manufacturing. 


Heavy Duty Box Making Machine

The newest high definition corrugated box making system for highly demanding short run manufacturing processes. 


Create Boxes On Demand!

The most advanced and universal box making machine for short run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes.


Corrugated Cardboard Flexographic Printer

The FLEXOMAT printing unit works inline with BOXMAT PRO machines or it can be used as a stand alone printer.


Find the Right Box Making Machine for the Job

All of the industrial box making machines we offer at Miller Weldmaster are designed to eliminate the frustrations of corrugated contracts, and provide customers with an all-in-one, turnkey solution. Folded into each of our box making machines are unique features and functionality to suit a variety of needs. So whether you’re looking for a fully or semi-automated machine, the flexibility to freely design boxes versus selecting options from a predefined list, or the durability of heavy duty boxes, we can provide you with a box making machine that matches your requirements. 

With the goal of customizing our packaging box making machines to suit specific needs, we pair multiple machine types with a range of optional add-on modules. These modules enable you to further streamline processes and enhance the use of your machine — from the ability to automatically stack corrugated cardboard boxes once manufactured to the ability to print images on full-size boxes or small boxes. So while you save time, you can produce a more tangible representation of your brand.

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