Select Up to Three Bag Sealing Machines
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Hot Air Welding


Top-closing Bag System Built for Speed

Designed specifically for single fold bags made of poly-woven, thermoplastic, or paper bags.

Hot Air Welding


Back-Seam Bag Sealing Machine

Designed for sealing the back seam that forms and closes bags into a tube form with an overlap seal. 

Hot Air Welding


The Fastest Bag Closer

Designed specifically for sealing backs with a pinch or a double-fold seal. Fit into any existing or new packaging line. 


Find the Right Commercial Bag Sealer Machine for the Job

All of the commercial bag sealer machines we offer at Miller Weldmaster are designed to help customers reduce operational costs, and increase their production uptime. Easily integrated into new or existing packaging lines, our commercial bag sealer machines — part of a horizontal form, fill and seal machine — are digitally controlled for fast production start-up and include a quick change folding system that delivers precise, consistent results. All the while, the need for glue, hot melt and adhesives (and the subsequent cost of these consumables) is eliminated.

Folded into each of our bag sealing machines are unique features and functionality that cater to a variety of customer needs. So whether you’re looking for a machine that can handle single- or double-fold seams, or one that specializes in polywoven or thermoplastic bags, we can provide you with a commercial bag sealer machine that matches your requirements.

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