Semi-Automatic Box Making Machine

The Boxmat XCUT is an economical and versatile machine designed for short-run box production while offering an excellent price-to-performance ratio. The Boxmat XCUT is a box maker specially designed to produce short to medium runs of RSC corrugated boxes. With less than 60 seconds of setup time, the machine can make boxes of virtually any size and style from regular small boxes to large wraps and pallet boxes. The Boxmat XCUT includes transversal cutting knives mounted on the rear to prevent board jamming.  It also has the functionality of cutting corrugated boards to the correct length.  Designed for companies requiring in-house production of corrugated boxes and the flexibility of a quick box size change. Slitting, creasing, removing excess board and glue flaps are all done in one pass on one compact machine without the need for additional modules. The Boxmat XCUT makes boxes out of single or double-wall corrugated cardboard. No corrugated cardboard contracts!
Best For:
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Packaging
Features & Option

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 600 boxes per hour
  • 12" touch screen control panel
  • Precise one-step formatting of boards (width)
  • Handles corrugated boards of unlimited length
  • 2 creasing (scoring) wheels and 3 cutting knives
  • Soft grip rolls for board linear movement control
  • Surface encoder
  • Glue flap excess cut out
  • Slotting, bi-directional creasing/scoring and excess board removal, all in one cycle
  • One integrated assembly for slotting, cutting and creasing for eliminating production errors
  • Fast machine setup with touch screen HMI and preprogrammed FEFCO styles or Free Style mode
  • Longitudinal creasing function and board size formatting
  • 2 longitudinal cutting knives, 2 creasing wheels and ability to use creasing/scoring wheels in different shapes
  • Blank board excess trimming knife
  • Eco-friendly low energy power supply
  • Setup functions, FEFCO styles, creasing depth etc. controlled from touch screen HMI
  • Built in secure VPN connection for HMI allowing remote calibration and update


Technical Specifications

Power Requirements

  • 480 - 20amp. service -
    Three Phase - 50-60Hz

Power Consumption

  • 3.5kW

Air Requirements

  • 2cfm @ 90psi

Throat Width x Max. Board Length

  • 2.5m (98") width x 10M (Sheets)


  • Width: 3.3m (130")
  • Depth: 1.4m (55")
  • Height: 1.6m (61")


  • 2,800kg (5,500lb)

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Semi-Automatic Box Making Machine
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