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Miller Weldmaster Values Statement

Miller Weldmaster operates under the spirit of our founder Al Miller.  Mr. Miller founded the business with specific principles that we strive to maintain and expand.  These include a family atmosphere, sincerity, creativity and hard work.

We stand for and operate by the idea that all employees are valuable to the company regardless of title or position.  We will treat each other with mutual respect.  We value the importance of balance between work and family.

As a participant on our team, we embrace the following values.

We will:

  • Work as a team
    • Be accountable to each other
    • Sincerely listen to each others’ ideas, concerns and problems
    • Serve each other without prejudice
    • Respect the dignity of each other
    • Treat each other honestly and ethically
    • Strive to meet common goals
    • Celebrate our successes
  • Promote a positive, enjoyable work environment
    • Create and provide a safe workplace
    • Foster an environment where we can continually learn
    • Respect each others’ property
    • Appreciate a job well done
  • Represent our company well at all times
    • Service people as well as their machines
    • Conduct ourselves professionally
  • Encourage involvement and participation in our communities

Using these values and our mission as our guide, decisions will be made in the best interest of our people, our customers and Miller Weldmaster.

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