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Other Industrial Welding

As a leader in the thermoplastic industry, Miller Weldmaster has over 40 years of experience helping our customers with an array of different welding applications. From complicated military shapes and applications to straight forward creative ideas, Miller Weldmaster has experienced almost all.

Our customization capabilities give us the ability to solve almost any welding application.


Moduline Inspection System

Splice and inspect material simultaneously

This automated inspection system will remove bad material, splice back together and then c-folds for easy material handling. The product is then folded in half and rewinded making a compact size product for reduced in-field installation labor.


Continuous in-house geo production

This machine is used in the production of geomembrane liners. It utilizes an extruder to bond the material together with a polyethylene additive. The machine will travel the length of your building eliminating the need to move your heavy liners.

Dual Hot Air Screen Welder

Custom Screen Welder

This welder can be designed to specifically fit your screen applications. It is custom built with dual hot air systems to simultaneously weld both outside edges. It is accompanied by a small moveable table to assist in material handling of screens.