Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer Packaging Bags

Every spring, homeowners rush to the hardware store to get fertilizer bags to put in their gardens and around their home.  Before those bags make it to the customers, there's a lot of different steps and hands it has to pass through.  And if you are the fertilizer supplier, you want to ensure that it makes it there in one piece.  That is why your bag sealing is so important and why you need to have a reliable machine in your production line.

The Miller Weldmaster Packaging System machines are a perfect addition to any line.  They can be integrated into an existing line, or they can be a stand alone.  With various options, we are sure that our machine will fit your bag sealing needs.  

Fertilizer Bags, Things to Keep in Mind

There are many options in both material and size when it comes to organic packaging fertilizer bags.  All provide the same functionality, however there are some perks depending on the material. 

If you are looking for an affordable, strong, and tear resistant bag, Polyethylene or PE is your best option.  With Polypropylene Woven Bags or PP bags in a close second.  Those materials, while each have their own advantages and disadvantages, provide you with the most secure and flexibility when packaging fertilizer.  They are also the most cost-efficient option while providing the most strength.  

Along with PP and PE bags, there are Kraft paper and Flexible Packaging.  Both provide similar functions as PE and PP bags.  However they typically are more expensive and, with Flexible Packaging, have limitations on the capacity.  Flexible Packaging are designed for more multi-use products; ie. insecticide, herbicide, and other products.  Compared to traditional fertilizer which is a single use product.  

Fertilizer Packaging Machines

PS400 bag sealing machine

There are only a few ways to securely close your fertilizer bag.  Sewing, fold, or double fold.  As with the bag material, there are advantages and dis-advantages to each type.  

Bag sealing provides you with a strength and security you may not get with sewing.  With sealing, you are providing a tight bond across the entire run of the mouth of the bag.  Sewing, you are creating holes or gaps that may not close.  When dealing with fertilizer, you may have small particles or components that can slip through those holes.  

Sealing, with Hot Air, is quick and efficient.  Your operator can make one pass on the machine and know it is sealed.  When you are dealing with chemicals and dangerous materials, you want to ensure nothing is getting in or getting out until the customer is using the fertilizer.  Miller Weldmaster’s Packaging systems manufactures the top-of-the-line fertilizer packaging machine.

Using the pinch, or double fold method, Miller Weldmaster’s PS150 and PS300 provide the most secure seal.  By pushing hot air through a specially designed nozzle, the bag passes through rollers that provide pressure to seal evenly across the bag’s opening.   


Fertilizer Bag Sealer Machine

Miller Weldmaster has multiple options when it comes to bag sealing.  Allowing the customer to make the best decision for their product, company, and industry needs.  

The PS150 is our most versatile welder for top-closing bags.  Designed specifically for single fold bags, the PS150 provides speed and efficiency.  When it comes to fertilizer packaging, the PS150 provides you with peace of mind and security.  

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