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With over 45 years of combined sewing and automation experience, we are able to provide innovative solutions to maximize your production potential. We have experience working with many brands and models of sewing machines. We will work from initial design to final integration of your fully automated sewing solution to ensure it meets your production needs.

Industrial Sewing Capabilities
  • Automatic tensioning of fabrics
  • PLC based control systems
  • Synced conveyor belts
  • Touch screen
  • Quick change accessories
  • Photo eye guiding
  • Driven puller systems
  • Precision controlled fabric cutting operations
  • Integration of a new or existing line

To ensure our customers have the best system for their application, it is best to speak with a Miller Weldmaster expert. While hot air, hot wedge, impulse, RF and sewing work for many applications, one may work better than the other depending on the application. Miller Weldmaster will help you select the best technology for your application.


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