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Filtration Tube and Bag Welding Equipment

Increase Your Production and Decrease Labor

For continuous output of top-quality filtration tube and bag, Miller Weldmaster has the welder you need. We’ll help you choose or design the machine to meet your production demands.

We design for maximum versatility. Options include the ability to weld or sew seams. Multiple size diameter tubes can be cut to length with precision.

Our automated, hands-free options allow you to increase production speed and decrease labor costs. The welders are easy to use, so you can be up and running quickly.

Interested in a quality, American-made machine for welding air-filtration systems? Below are just some of the options available. We also can customize exactly to meet your needs. Contact us to find out how Miller Weldmaster can assist you.

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Filter Sewing Solutions

Automated filter sewing solutions

Configure your filter system to include sewing. We have experience working with many brands and models of sewing machines. We will work from initial design to final integration of your fully automated sewing solution to ensure it meets your production needs.


Filter Ultrasonic Welding

ULTRASONICALLY Weld Filter Tubes and Filter Bags

Easily radius weld the ends of filter bags for a fully automated system. Combine ultrasonic welding to any T300 continuous system for a complete solution finishing multiple size diameter tubes


T300 Extreme Flex

Our most versatile welder

Our most universal welder, the T300 Extreme Flex uses hot air and hot wedge technologies with an array of seam types.

Discover how the T300 Extreme Flex can help you finish tents, shelters, tarps, covers and more in no time.