T300 Hot Air Welder for Filter Tubes and Filter Bags

Automated filter production has never been easier. From sewing to welding with hot air or impulse, there is a solution to fit your production demand. These machines are designed to be precise and continuous for increased output of top quality filter applications.

By using hot air or impulse welding, your filters, you are seaming the two layers together without the use of tape or bonding chemical. It uses the principles of heat, speed and pressure to get the perfect welded seam. The solution you chose will depend solely upon your specific needs.

Miller Weldmasters automated filter welding machines provide:

  • Versatility to accommodate multiple applications
  • High-speed production for increased output
  • Customization by applying keder, weld overlaps, hems, pockets, rope and hem, cut to length, and more
  • Ability to weld multiple rolls of same or different thickness together at one time

Non-woven filter tubes, hose and bags can be welded or sewn depending upon your specific needs. Any systems can be fully automated with:

  • Hot Air
  • Ultrasonic
  • Unwinds
  • Accumulators
  • Sweep Systems
  • Filter Closing
  • Print Technology
  • Straight or Radius Cut-to-Length
  • Rewinds and more…
“The team at Miller Weldmaster made our vision, their vision and turned a “back of the napkin” drawing into the fantastic hot-air sealer that we use in production today. The collaborative and consultative environment at Miller Weldmaster is second to none. Those folks “get it!” - Eichrom

Still have questions? Contact one of our automated specialists to discuss your production and potential options.

Miller Weldmaster will help you select the right solution for your application.

Machine Videos

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  • Training Videos
Filter Production With Auto Pull & Sweep
Automated Filter Bags With Ultrasonic Radius Weld & Cut
Weld And Sew Single Layer Filter Tubes
Automated Production Of Filter Bags And Filter Tubes

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