Moduline automated hot air machine for signs banners and billboard production

High-resolution production banner, digitally printed billboards, bulletins and ecco posters are typically found in any high-traffic area and present a sizable advertising space for great visibility to a large audience.

But if you want these to last, then you need to look at automating your finishing production. By welding your billboards, you are fusing the two layers together without the use of tape or bonding chemical. It uses the principles of heat, speed and pressure to get the perfect welded seam. However, the solution you pick depends upon your needs.

Our sewing and welding solution produce products from banners to SEG to billboards made from the following materials: HDPE, PE, LDPE, PVC/vinyl, mesh, and more.

A high-performing, efficient process, welding uses the principles of heat, speed, and pressure to get the perfect welded seam. 

Welding your billboard, bulletins and ecco posters provides better product longevity, improved quality control and reduced labor costs.

In addition to those benefits, automated welding solutions provide:

  • Versatility to accommodate multiple applications
  • High-speed production for increased output
  • Ability to create made-to-order product
  • Customization by applying keder, weld overlaps, hems, pockets, rope and hem, cut to length, and more
  • Ability to weld multiple rolls of same or different thickness together at one time.
"The Miller Weldmaster 112 Extreme took care of the building facades, welding together gigantic sections of banner in one pass. And it certainly lived up to its name. The quality of the work in sealing is so phenomenal, the seams between these pieces are almost invisible." - Color Jam

Each machine can be fully customizable and provides full versatility. Apply keder, weld overlaps, hems, pockets, rope and hem, cut to length and more.

Check out a few of our full turn key solutions for automating your banners and billboards or contact one of our automated specialists to discuss your production and potential options.

Miller Weldmaster will help you select the right solution for your application.

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