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Sign, Banner Machine, Banner Heat Seamer & Digital Textile Finishing

Banner Heat Sealer

When it comes to signs, banners, and digital textile finishing machines, there is hot air welding, hot wedge welding, radio frequency, impulse welding, and automated sewing solutions to choose from. Miller Weldmaster manufacturers each one of these finishing machines and is here to help you choose the best technology that will increase your production and finishing quality. 

Miller Weldmaster has sold hundreds of welding machines to customers who finish billboards, signs, banners, and silicone edge graphics worldwide.

"I just purchased a Miller Weldmaster T-300 and absolutely love it. Before we got our welder we sewed, the productivity is unbelievable."

-Super Sign Mart

Why Weld Your Banners, signs & billboards?

Banner welding is the most efficient way to create clean signs, banners, and billboards. Miller Weldmaster’s banner welding machines are fast, and easy to use, and are created to be versatile in their capabilities.

  • Increased Output - Welding your banners is far faster than sewing or taping a banner
  • Stronger Seams - Extra security when hanging your signs as the weld is stronger than the actual fabric itself
  • Reduced Consumable Costs - Create a near perfect finish that requires no tape, glue, or adhesive
  • Easy To Use - Your staff will be fully trained within one day on all functionalities of your welder

Looking to get into dye sublimation?

Our machines are developed to always be up-to-date with the latest sign and banner industry trends, which is why we now have machines dedicated to silicone edge graphics creation, and machines that can both sew and weld plastic to keep your operation running quickly.

Having an automated sign finishing solution is a great way to keep costs low if you are a high-volume sign and banner producer. Instead of needing extra labor to hand hem or seam banners and signs, banner welders do it all for you so your production is more efficient.

Looking to Automate?

Improve output, Quality & Efficiency. Multiple capabilities are available to meet your every need. Choose what’s best for your operation.

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