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Welding Machines for Tents, Shelters and Structures

Fabric Tent Welding

Miller Weldmaster designs, develops, and manufactures heat-seaming equipment and tent welding machines to make fabric tents. Use Miller Weldmaster tent welder machines to produce tent sidewall panels, sidewall connecting welding keders, sidewall grommet welding hems, tent top welding hips and more.

Why Use a Miller Weldmaster Tent Welder?

Miller Weldmaster machines help customers grow and adapt their business. Tent and structure industry leaders rely on our innovative, high-performance tent welding machines to create extra-long, precise seams. Welders and machines help businesses stay competitive and save time. The success of our tent welding machines stems from a long history in the fabric structure supply industry. Explore some of our tent welders and machines below.

T300 Extreme Keder

Make keder ALL day, every day

A complete, automated system for high speed single or double keder production. The T300 Extreme Keder System is built to weld keder as fast as possible. With welding speeds up to 100ft per minute, the T300 Keder system will make rolls of keder as fast as your customers order them. The oscillating rewind and controlled fabric payoff system ensures you have a quality roll of keder every time.

T300 Extreme Travel

Makes large jobs EASIER to handle

This is best for the in-house production of your largest products with the capacity to weld any length, allowing easier material handling for the operator and alleviating the weight of long, heavy fabric.

T300 Extreme Flex

Our most versatile welder

Our most universal welder, the T300 Extreme Flex uses hot air and hot wedge technologies with an array of seam types.

Discover how the T300 Extreme Flex can help you finish tents, shelters, tarps, covers and more in no time.

T600 Extreme Shelter Tent Welder

Make ANY size, tent or shelter

Heavy duty construction for your largest shelter production needs. Weld large panels and finish edges on one machine. The T600 Extreme Shelter is ready for any tent or shelter application.


The Most Versatile Radio Frequency Machine

The RFlex stationary welder is the industry’s most versatile radio frequency welder available on the market. RFlex was designed for the production of tarpaulins, tents, truck tarps, high speed doors, and any other flexible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) product. With enhanced features such as; a foldable trough for better material handling, a joy stick to accurately line up your material every time and autotuning for consistent welds, your production will be even more efficient and reliable.

RFlex Travel

Automated Traveling Radio Frequency Welder

The RFlex Travel is a radio frequency welder that is designed for the production of  tarpaulins, tents, truck tarps, high speed doors, and any other flexible Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyurethane (PU) product. Line up your material with the lasers on the track, let the vacuum work table hold your material in place, press a button and let the travel head do the welding for you. Reliable and effortless production.


Moduline Welding Keder

COMPLETELY Automated Welding Machine for Keder Applications

Finish all welding in one pass including hems, overlaps, webbings, grommets, and keder. Increase production by adding cut-to-length capability for faster product ready processing.

Moduline Tent Welder

Multiple roll production for tents

Our M100 is built to your production needs. With multiple roll production and an array of finishing options you can produce any product. Our M100 can accommodate any seam type, cut to length options, and process controls, all automated to increase your production.