About Our PVC Roofing Membrane Welding Machines

Are you looking for PVC and TPO membrane welding machines that are not only reliable but also easy-to-use, so that you can take pride in your roofing craft? Roof membrane welders offer distinct advantages over other roof sealing methods including fewer leaks, easier maintenance, and longer lifespan.

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Why Use a Miller Weldmaster Roofing Welder?

Miller Weldmaster constantly strives to help our customers change and grow their business. That’s why we’ve designed and developed a complete line of welders for in the house fabrication of TPO and PVC membrane welding.  We have a complete line of automated machines for the in-house production of premade membrane panels, inspection stations and membrane handling.  From geo liners to membranes, the success of our machines stems from a long history in the roofing industry, paired with our commitment to continue innovating like our dual-directional TG3600.

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