Tarpaulin Welder and Tarps

Best for construction, polyethylene and vinyl resist ripping. Ensure long-lasting tarpaulin sheets by using industrial tarp welding equipment. Tarp welding equipment constructs reinforcements using hot air seam welding on the tarp.

Miller Weldmaster manufacturers a variety of industrial tarp welder equipment to produce tarpaulins (tarps), truck tarps, and covers.

Why Use a Miller Weldmaster Tarpaulin Welder?

Miller Weldmaster machines help customers grow and adapt their business. Tarp and tarpaulin sheet industry leaders rely on our innovative, high-performance hot-air seam welding machines to create extra-long, precise seams. The success of our tarpaulin welder machines stems from a long history in the fabric structure supply industry. Explore some of our tarp welders and machines below.

112 Extreme

Efficiency you care about. Performance you crave.

The 112 Extreme high-performance welder is our fastest and most precise welder for long straight seams. With speeds up to 20M / minute, this machine is able to handle fabric seals quickly and efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money. The 112 Extreme is built to take your production and efficiency to the next level.

T600 Extreme Cover

A tarp and cover producing work horse

A welder that will weld your panels and finish the edges of your covers and tarps. The T600 Extreme Cover will meet any production demand.


T300 Extreme Travel

Makes large jobs EASIER to handle

This is best for the in-house production of your largest products with the capacity to weld any length, allowing easier material handling for the operator and alleviating the weight of long, heavy fabric.

T300 Extreme Flex

Our most versatile welder

Our most universal welder, the T300 Extreme Flex uses hot air and hot wedge technologies with an array of seam types.

Discover how the T300 Extreme Flex can help you finish tents, shelters, tarps, covers and more in no time.

Triad Extreme Cover

Small portable welder for your cover and tarp production

Comes fully assembled and ready to weld stationary or traveling on table top track. The Triad Extreme Cover is ready to meet any cover or tarp production demands.

Spec Extreme

SPECIFIC portable welder for your specific wedge welding needs

Standardize your process with the Spec Extreme, a portable workhorse dedicated to weld the perfect seam every time. The Spec Extreme Wedge Welder has been designed as a “specific”, single purpose welding machine to accomplish a particular weld style. The Spec Extreme is designed to be used as a stationary unit or an automatic welder for long seams while traveling on a track.

Seamrover DD Industrial

The World’s ONLY Dual-Directional Hot Air Welder

The Seamrover DD’s dual direction and patent-pending hammerhead nozzle makes this new hot air welder the industry’s fastest and easiest to use. It is a reliable hot air welder build for welding overlaps, pockets and webbing with high speeds for long straight seams. By welding either forwards or backwards you are able to reduce welding time and increase seam visibility.


Moduline System for Covers and Tarps

Automated production system perfectly tailored to produce Covers and Tarps

The Moduline system is designed for customers looking to increase business profits by automating their production process.  The Moduline System’s unique design enables you to select multiple automation options regardless of your production demands.

Moduline Inspection System

Splice and inspect material simultaneously

This automated inspection system will remove bad material, splice back together and then c-folds for easy material handling. The product is then folded in half and rewinded making a compact size product for reduced in-field installation labor.

M100 Grommet

SINGLE Panel with Grommets on outside edge

Designed to unwind material, weld hems and apply grommets simultaneously. With a tension controlled accumulator production is continuous with a accurate product cut to length and great for any awning production that requires keder for insertion in track such as camper or RV awnings and retractable awnings.


Increase In-House Efficiency with CONTINUOUS Bi-Directional Roll Production

The Bi-Directional travels up and down a track welding and laying material down one layer at a time in each direction.


Weld and finish two edges at the same time

The DH7600 is designed to finish the outside edges of almost any size product simultaneously. This welder is the most economical solution to meet your finishing needs and can easily be customized to match your customers’ demands.

Sheeter and Welding Solution

Sheet / Cut and Weld COVERS

Automatically unwind material onto sheeter and cut to length for accurate product sizing. Designed to produce many different types of covers, insulation ceiling covers and tarps.