Hot Air Welding

A hot air welder uses very precise heat, speed and pressure to join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and films. The correct combination of these three parameters will allow hot air welders to achieve a complete weld. During the hot air welding process, heat is provided by compressed air blowing across electrical heat elements and is injected at the welding point. The tightly controlled temperature can range from 1000°F to 1,350°F (400°C to 750°C).

Is Hot Air the Right Technology for My Application?

To ensure our customers have the best heat system for their application, it is best to speak with a Miller Weldmaster expert. While both hot wedge and hot air welder machines can work with many applications, one may work better than the other depending upon the variables unique to your application.

Applications Using Hot Air Welders

  • Constructing a product with many different shapes and curves
  • Producing a versatile product range
  • Changing the weld width often throughout the manufacturing process
  • Using multiple welding heads simultaneously
  • Starting and stopping often throughout the welding process