Our Roots

Miller Weldmaster operates under the spirit of our founder Al Miller.

Our story began in a garage in rural Ohio back in 1974. Our history includes game-changing advancements in the industrial fabric and thermoplastic industries, as well as strategically building and strengthening our company's capabilities over time. Today, we are a global company with installed machines in over 100 countries and a worldwide distributer network.




Our Global Vision

MW is a nationally recognized leader in global business with 29 international distributor partners.

We have curated the best distributorships available so we can offer the same level of customer care and product knowledge world-wide. We take our reputation seriously and we guard it closely with honesty, integrity and stellar customer service. With MW, our customers can be confident in their investments. We bring decades of experience and a deep understanding of the industry and devote our knowledge to the success of every customer. 

And we're still family led.

Our Commitment to You


To understand us today, look to our roots. Our founder, Al Miller served his country, built a business, and kept an emphasis on family. He once said, “Customers are always the driving force.” Although he is no longer here, his sentiments live on today in everything we do.

Our CEO Scott Miller has carried his father’s legacy into everything that the MW family does. He leads from the belief that, “Our customers are the reason for our existence. Our people are the reason for our success.” This people-first approach is the foundation of MW’s “Customer First” way of doing business. MW is able to adapt to a changing marketplace because its people are committed to listen and serve through a “First Choice” customer experience.

After 22 years at the company, Brent Nussbaum has taken over the presidency. He’s had the unique opportunity to work with all three generations of Millers. When he started, he was able to work side by side with Al Miller. He is now mentoring the Miller grandchildren coming up through the business today and continuing to instill the Miller work ethic, vision and culture. His in-depth knowledge of the craftsmanship required to build long-lasting material welding machines follows in our founder spirt. He leads with a customer first attitude while continuing to build a legacy of global innovation.



Scott Miller


Building lasting relationships with our customers is as important as continuing the legacy of innovation that started with Al Miller, our founder. I love when customers come through our doors and we get to show them who we are. Not just as a company, but as a culture.


Brent Nussbaum


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