Our Service Team

One factor that has played a key role in the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our business is the technical knowledge and pride our team exhibits on every service appointment. We can assure you that our team of certified, trained Field Service Engineers are committed to always providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. We take pride knowing that you can count on Miller Weldmaster!


Contact Service 

The Solution Provider

Eric Helmick – Customer Service Manager

Eric Helmick has been solving customer issues for over 12 years. He is a master of analyzing complex problems and finding a quick solution. He has talked to many customers, installed hundreds of machines for multiple applications, managed worldwide tradeshows and is eager to assist our customers for long term performance. 

When he’s not solving problems, you’ll find Eric coaching his girls softball team or watching the races with his son.

Eric Helmic

Tim Hupp

The Welding Wonder

Tim Hupp – Project Engineer

With 10 years of experience, over 300 installs and 25 different countries visited, there isn’t much Tim hasn’t seen. With in-depth knowledge and ingenuity, Tim always has a solution.  He often says his favorite install is his most recent, which shows you his dedication to each customer.

You’ll never catch Tim in a bad mood, and  he’s always smiling. Most weekends he is either watching or competing in local motocross events.

The Craftsman

John Warnock – Project Engineer

John Warnock has been a Miller Weldmaster team member for over five years. Dedication to his work and craftsmanship, while providing solutions, presented him the opportunity to become a project engineer. He has always put the customers first, and his leadership continues to grow within Miller Weldmaster.

John Warnock

Adam Phillips

The Connector

Adam Phillips – Field Service Engineer

From his first install, Adam Phillips has shown commitment to quality and excitement for his work. His commitment consistently leads to a customer-technician relationship that is truly second to none. Currently, Adam assists in maintaining our partner relationships from a service level. Adam’s continual drive to connect our corporate service strategies with our partners, for optimal worldwide support, is making a difference.

According to Adam, one of the best parts about what he does is being able to travel and enjoy the many different countries and cultures.

The Perfectionist

Corey LeMonte – Field Service Engineer 

Corey LeMonte has been with Miller Weldmaster for 15 years and has always provided the greatest level of quality with his work. Working throughout several departments within Miller Weldmaster has allowed Corey to perfect his knowledge on our many different machines and technologies.

Yes, we have another Steeler fan — you can always count on Corey to defend his Black and Yellow team!


Corey Lemonte

Jim Hale

The Voice

Jim Hale – Field Service Engineer

Jim Hale has been with Miller Weldmaster for over five years and most recently took a leading role in our Resolution Center. Most of the time, he is the voice you will hear when calling into our Resolution Center. Among other tasks and responsibilities, Jim is an upbeat team player. He strives to provide the best possible answers to all of your concerns.

The Workhorse

Mason Miller – Field Service Engineer 

Mason comes to work with a lively, upbeat attitude daily. He currently lives and works out of our West Coast office, providing sales and service support to our West Coast customers. Mason always strives to provide a first-choice customer experience.

A true Ohioan, Mason’s favorite team is the Cleveland Browns. That alone is a sign of true dedication!

Mason Miller

Andrew Phillips

The Observer

Andrew Phillips – Field Service Engineer 

Andrew has some big shoes to fill as he follows in his brother’s footsteps. Andrew is quick to observe every situation and is making decisions that will create a positive impact. Andrew will continue to grow in this new service role and is looking forward to traveling and servicing your machines.

The Apprentice

Brian Mills – Field Service Engineer

Brian started at Miller Weldmaster in early 2015, but is quickly grasping who we are and how important our service plays a role in our customers’ business and their success. He continues to grow and learn the insides of our service team and is eager to begin meeting customer needs.

Brian Mills

Alvin Wells


Alvin Wells – Field Service Engineer

Alvin comes to work each day with enthusiasm and motivation, ready to tackle any challenge. Alvin is well known in our Packaging System Division and leads the installs of end bag sealers and integrated systems.

The Veteran

Dan Wahl – Field Service Engineer

Dan pays great attention to detail and strives to be precise, making him a highly skilled Miller family member. Dan began working with Miller Weldmaster in our Production Department, so he has hands-on knowledge of our machines and how they are built to perform.

Dan Wahl