Hot Wedge Welding

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Hot Wedge rotary heat sealing is a welding process used to join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and films using a very precise heat speed and pressure.

However, in the case of hot wedge welding and seaming, a heated wedge is precisely positioned at the weld point providing the required heat. The fabric or film is then pulled across the heated wedge. The tightly controlled temperature of the wedge can range from 700F to 920F (400C to 490C) producing a perfect weld.

Is Hot Wedge the right technology for my applications?

To ensure our customers have the best heat system for their application it is best to speak with a Miller Weldmaster expert. While both hot air and hot wedge can work on many applications and scenarios, one may work better than another depending upon the application.

Some applications and scenarios in which one may use industrial hot wedge welding:

  • The product to be constructed is made of film
  • There is a need for a quiet work environment
  • The product being constructed is made of a very thick fabric
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