Impulse Welding

Leaders in heat seaming technologies…

Miller Weldmaster’s Impulse technology relies on the same philosophy of heat, speed (time), and pressure.

With an impulse welding machine, pressure is applied to the seam area by two impulse-heating bars. Heat is created by pulsing energy through the heating element in the top and bottom bars for the duration of the weld. After a set weld time is completed, liquid is flushed through the impulse bars to allow a cool down cycle, helping eliminate wrinkles.

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Why Choose Impulse Welding?

Impulse welding technology creates the best looking  seams with simplistic welding parameters. Our  impulse welding equipment helps make products like tarpaulins, billboards, banners, tents, pools, awnings, inflatables, truck covers, and many more.

Tarp-Tent-Sign-Awning Applications