Welding Inflatables? Check out the T300 and T600 Extreme Curve Welders

By weldadmin | September 14, 2016

If you’re a manufacturer of inflatables of any kind, we’re sure you’re always looking for the best machine to keep your inflatables useful for whatever their application is. Because inflatables are used in so many contexts, it can be tricky to find one machine that does it all. Luckily, Miller Weldmaster has addressed this need with the T300 Extreme Curve welding machine and its larger counterpart, the T600 Extreme Curve.

Why the Extreme Curve?

The T300 and T600 Extreme Curve machines are the top-of-the-line when it comes to producing inflatable products. Both machines can be used as either hot air or hot wedge welders to fit whatever your application is, and are used for applications of all types. From creating fun inflatable amusement attractions like bounce castles, to recreational items like inflatable boats, to emergency devices like airplane escape chutes, these machines were created to make safe, gap free welded seams in any airtight and watertight application.

These machines can be used with one person, freeing up your manpower to work on other aspects of product creation.

Hot Air/Hot Wedge Welding

The machines are also effective due to their use of hot air/hot edge welding. Hot air welding uses precise heat, speed, and pressure to weld materials, while hot wedge uses a heated wedge to create equally precise seams. The hot air welding process is great for anything that has a curved shape or that needs to have a varying weld width throughout the product’s creation. Wedge welding, on the other hand, is great when your work environment needs to be quieter, when your materials don’t need as hot a process to be welded, or when your product uses a thicker fabric. Because the T300 and T600 machines can be used as both, most all of your inflatable products will be able to be made using them.

If you’re interested in learning more about these dynamic machines and their uses, check out the T300 and T600 product pages, or contact us to talk about what welder is right for you!


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