Our Service Team

One factor that has played a key role in the satisfaction of our customers and the success of our business is the technical knowledge and pride our team exhibits on every service appointment. We can assure you that our team of certified, trained Field Service Engineers are committed to always providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. We take pride knowing that you can count on Miller Weldmaster!


Contact Service 

Mike Nastoff – Customer Service Manager

Mike Nastoff, our service manager has been a part of the Miller Weldmaster team for over ten years. His loyalty and hard work in our service department has made him an essential part of our team. Everyone loves Mike!

When Mike isn’t helping and solving our customer’s problems, he is spending time with his wife and daughter.

Bailey Lewton – Field Service Manager

Bailey Lewton is our field service manager and shows up to work daily ready to work hard and bring his best to our customer’s. Bailey enjoys spending his free time outdoors working on his farm.

Mickey Nau – Customer Service Support

Mickey has been with MW for 13 years working in many different roles and currently has primary focus in Service & Support for our customers and staff.  She handles field service administration and reporting and is assistant to both our Field Service and Resolution Center managers and from time to time been called the Mom of the service team, her boys.  If she can’t help you, she probably know who to work with at MW to keep moving forward to a resolution.

Mickey is an avid sports fan and professional tailgater who loves attending the events her extended family participates in as well as spending time with family and friends.  A night of family and friends on the patio is one of her favorites pastimes.

Mickey Nau

Chad Karrenbauer

Chad Karrenbauer – Inside Customer Service & Parts

Chad has over 21 years of servicing our customers and partners worldwide. He is an expert at handling the toughest parts orders and is satisfied when parts ship, ensuring your machines are adequately maintained for longtime usage.

Andy Eberhardt – Inside Customer Service & Parts

Andy has over 19 years of experience working building, installing and servicing machines for Miller Weldmaster. He is an expert at handling the toughest parts orders and is satisfied when parts ship, ensuring your machines are adequately maintained for longtime usage.

Lori Riggs – Shipping Coordinator  

It’s a pleasure having Lori joining the Miller Team! She’ll be looking forward to applying her past Logistic & Customer Service experiences assisting our Miller Weldmaster Customers. Lori enjoys spending time with her family and watching her granddaughter play softball and work with her 4-H animals.

Ben Melnichenko – Field Service Engineer 

Ben has been a field service engineer with Miller Weldmaster for 3 years. He has installed our equipment in over 15 countries and enjoys trying new food and meeting new people when traveling. When he is not working, he enjoys golfing, fishing, and going to baseball games. He has a dog named Manny that maintains his household when he is away.

Ben Melnichenko

Alvin Wells – Field Service Engineer

Alvin comes to work each day with enthusiasm and motivation, ready to tackle any challenge. Alvin is well known in our Packaging System Division and leads the installs of end bag sealers and integrated systems.

Brian Hill – Field Service Engineer 

Brian Hill has a positive, energetic attitude that he brings to work with him everyday. He has been with Miller Weldmaster for over 3 years, but has 13 years of experience in the industry. Brian is an asset to the Miller Weldmaster team from his experience in customer service!



Mason Miller – Field Service Engineer

Mason comes to work with a lively, upbeat attitude daily. He loves traveling all over the world installing machines and experiencing different cultures, he has been able to visit 40 countries and counting! Mason always strives to provide a first-choice customer experiences.

A true Ohioan, Mason’s favorite team is the Cleveland Browns.


Taylor Moore – Field Service Engineer

Taylor Moore has been with Miller Weldmaster for more than a year and his expertise is installing our 112 Extreme. He is currently working on a transition into custom equipment and looks forward to all the challenges he will face. His favorite part of the job is building strong customer relationships. When Taylor is not at work you will catch him spending time with his family, friends and dog’s names Peanut and Daisy.

Kyle Kirby


Kyle Kirby – Field Service Engineer

Meet Kyle Kirby. Don’t let those dashing good looks fool you, this packaging technician comes in to work. Outside of getting the job done right the first time, Kyle enjoys picking up and putting down heavy things, enjoying the outdoors, and checking out new restaurants on his travels.

Scott Gallagher – Field Service Engineer

Scott Gallagher is always hard at work ensuring that we are meeting our customer’s needs. His positivity and dedication motivates everyone on the team to work as hard as they can. Scott enjoys camping, boating, and everything outdoors!

Zach Fitz – Field Service Engineer

Zach Fitz is one of our field service engineers with the drive to learn more and satisfy all of our customer’s needs. When he’s not running our machines and helping our customers he is spending time with his kids or playing sports.

Matt Harmon – Field Service Engineer

Matt Harmon is a field Service engineer with extensive experience and maintenance skills in maintaining Miller Weldmaster standard and packaging lines. He enjoys working on vehicles and engaging in family activities on his free time. He is always looking for best resolution for his customers individual needs.


Christian Byrd

Christian Byrd – Field Service Engineer

Christian shows up everyday eager to learn and has a great attitude. When he isn’t providing our customers with excellent service he enjoys working on his farm, watching his Cleveland Browns and playing the guitar.

Aaron Orozco – Field Service Engineer

Aaron is quick to learn and aims to please. His energetic personality pushes him to start the day strong and end the day strong. He’s willing and ready to achieve any task thrown at him. Customer satisfaction is at forefront of his day

Aaron Orozco

Dan Wahl

Dan Wahl – Project Engineer

Dan pays great attention to detail and strives to be precise, making him a highly skilled Miller family member. Dan began working with Miller Weldmaster in our Production Department, so he has hands-on knowledge of our machines and how they are built to perform.

Nate Dolvin – Project Engineer

Nate Dolvin has been a part of the Miller Weldmaster team since 2015. He is one of our skilled project engineers with the motivation and drive to perfect any task thrown his way.


Nate Dolvin