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Industrial fabric welding provides awning and shade manufacturers with strong, seamless, perforated-free welds that increase product lifespan. A proper fabric welding machine also increases productivity and efficiency while creating a [...] Tags: ,
Shade and awning

Large, fabric tents, structures and shelters require strong seams to increase longevity. Traditionally, these products were manufactured using manual sewing processes, leaving room for human error, increasing production times and decreasing [...] Tags: , ,
Tent made with industrial fabric welder.

For applications where you need a clean seam with no leaking, such as awnings, fabric welding is an excellent solution. While many manufacturers still rely on sewing, making the move to welding can offer multiple benefits. Welding fabric can be [...] Tags: , , , , , ,

                  Berges Trenton Awning might be an old company, but they’re not an old hat. Remaining current in their knowledge and innovations, but holding onto the past is what makes this company [...] Tags: , ,