Fabric Welding Technology

The three principles for rotary welding are HEAT, SPEED, and PRESSURE. The precise combination of these principles will allow you to achieve a properly welded seam.

Heat is either electrically produced high temperature air or an electronically produced high temperature wedge precisely controlled and injected between two or more layers of thermoplastic material, heating the thermoplastic and preparing the two surfaces for molecular bond. The variable temperature range on Weldmaster equipment is 100 to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit and precisely maintained + or -10.

Speed is the amount of time the heat is applied to the thermoplastic material. This is controlled by the rate at which the material passes through the system. Driven weld rollers advance the thermoplastic material through the system at a precisely controlled variable speed.

Pressure is used to compress the heated thermoplastic materials together during the sealing process to complete the molecular bond between the two or more surfaces. Variable air pressure is applied to the weld rollers creating the necessary strength.


Miller Weldmaster offers a variety of hot air welders for different applications. 

Hot air welders join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and films using very precise heat, speed and pressure settings. The correct combination of these three parameters will allow you to achieve a complete weld. In the case of hot air welding, heat is provided by compressed air blowing across electrical heat elements and is injected at the welding point.

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As leaders in heat sealing technology, Miller Weldmaster offers a variety of hot wedge welders.

Hot wedge rotary heat sealing is a welding process used to join thermoplastic industrial fabrics and films using very precise heat, speed and pressure. In hot wedge welding and seaming, a heated wedge is precisely positioned at the weld point to provide the heat required. The fabric or film is then pulled across the heated wedge.

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Hot Wedge Welding


Create the best looking seams with simplistic welding parameters.

With an impulse welding machine, pressure is applied to the seam area by two impulse-heating bars. Heat is created by pulsing energy through the heating element in the top and bottom bars for the duration of the weld.

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Impulse technology welding machine


Ensure the highest quality hold with adhesive that guarantees long product life.

Miller Weldmaster’s rotary adhesive machines help you ensure you’re applying the right amount of glue during production processes. All glue heads on our machines are precisely placed for optimal production.

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Rotary Adhesive Technology


Provide innovative solutions to maximize your production potential.

Over 40 years of combined sewing and automation experience allow Miller Weldmaster to provide your company with innovative solutions to help maximize production potential. We have experience working with many brands and models of sewing machines.

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Sewing System Welding