Trade-in the machine you have for the one you want.

Trade-in your older model and get a credit towards your new machine! Fill out the form with your serial number and one of our experts will review your request and show you your trade-in value. If Miller Weldmaster deems the machine unfit to trade in we will let you know right away. We are happy to provide a quoted to anyone who owns a Miller Weldmaster and is looking to upgrade.

Advantages of trading in your machine?
  • Save money. By trading in you will receive a credit towards a newer model at a great deal. 
  • New Technology. Depending on how old your machine is, you can upgrade to our newest model that is more efficient. 
  • Financing Options. Miller Weldmaster is now offering more financing options for when you trade-in your welder. 
  • & more. Start fresh with a new machine with zero macitence needed. 
T300 hot air welding PVC

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